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Here are The Best 10 Veteran Retirement Gifts for Men!


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Retirement gifts for men – Learn more with Healthier Veterans Today! Their service has been honorable and distinguished, and it’s time to celebrate an incredible career with one of these retirement gifts for men. 

Army, Air Force, Marines, Space Force, Navy, or Coast Guard, the veterans in your life will be touched that you chose to recognize all they’ve done with one of these incredible gifts.

They stood up and answered the call to serve their patriotic duty, thanking them for all they did with any of these incredible retirement gifts for men.

1. Military Retirement Plaque

retirement gifts for men - Healthier Veterans Today

Your loved one has seen their last name emblazoned on their fatigues since their first day of boot camp, but their full name takes on added resonance when it’s embossed on a beautiful plaque.

Plaques come in various materials and are typically sold in big-box retailers and arts and crafts boutiques. 

That same store may also offer inscription services, so you can have the plaque personalized with their:

  1. Name
  2. Rank
  3. Branch
  4. Years of service
  5. Any additional verbiage that will mean something significant and make it a more unique retirement gift for men.

2. Custom Engraved Wood Art

If you don’t want to verbally salute your prospective veteran or military retiree on a plaque, you could also do so on some wood.

Wooden decor is a trendy item; you’ve seen it advertised on social media channels or already have something similar in your home. 

Embossing wooden pieces with your service member’s name and rank is a less formal way of honoring their retirement.

These don’t have to be used for decoration, though. You may also purchase something they can use in the kitchen, such as a cutting board or pizza paddle.

3. Shot Glass or Beer Mug Set

retirement gifts for men - Healthier Veterans Today

Does your military vet or soldier fashion themselves something of a wine connoisseur? Are they partial to a particular type of liquor, like whiskey or bourbon? 

Whatever their beverage of preference, there are a variety of bar gift sets that you can personalize with their:

  1. Name
  2. Flag
  3. Military branch logo
  4. Or any combination of etchings.

4. Military-themed blanket, Quilt, or Afghan

Like veterans, there aren’t as many people around these days who know how to knit – never mind quilt or crochet. 

But if this is your pastime or you’ve always wanted to learn, let your loved one’s storied military career be your inspiration for your first (or next) creation. 

Everyone needs warmth and comfort when relaxing on the couch or heading to bed. A quilt or afghan serves as just the thing. 

Websites like Etsy and Pinterest have some patterns that you can download – usually for free.

5. Army or Navy Chess Set

Chess is a game for thinkers and strategizers, and you have to be both in the military. 

Even if a chess set is the last thing your loved one would expect as retirement gifts for men, this may be a good gift idea to get them hooked on an all-time classic board game.

Some feature the Army vs. Navy, while others recall the Revolutionary War.

6. Wristwatch Pocket Watch or Decorative Clock

retirement gifts for men - Healthier Veterans Today

Even though it may keep time, from a gift-giving perspective, a watch or clock is timeless. An online search can give you some retirement gifts for men. 

Some watchmakers specialize in tactical timepieces used by special forces in the Navy, Marines, and Army. These are excellent retirement gifts for men.

A gold pocket watch is still a great choice if you prefer a classic and traditional style. This timeless gift symbolizes the hard work and dedication put in by the person. 

It represents the passage of time and the growth and progress made along the way.

7. Model Aircraft or Ship

If your retirement-entering service member spent their time in the bowels of the ocean on a submarine or cruising at high altitude in a state-of-the-art fighter jet, a scale model of that vehicle is a great way to memorialize their days as a submariner or pilot. 

From the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird or historic submarines, like the Michigan or the Ohio, models come preassembled or as build-your-own. You could even opt for a model rocket or missile for Space Force guardians.

retirement gifts for men - Healthier Veterans Today

Cufflinks are the essence of class. In a French-cut shirt, cufflinks can add flair and a sense of debonaire to semi-formal or black-tie events. 

You may know of a retailer that sells a variety of cufflinks, but if not, using Google, Duck Duck Go, or Bing can produce fruitful results for “Air Force cufflinks,” “Coast Guard cufflinks,” and all the other service branches.

9. Trip to a Memorial or Historic Battlefield

Sometimes, you don’t bring the best gifts to the receiver; you bring the receiver to the present. And that gift could be visiting somewhere special, or that holds sentimental significance.

Some people consider trips and events to be a better use of their money and derive greater satisfaction from these purchases.

The places you could visit that are relevant to their military background are as wide-ranging as the world is significant. 

Whether it’s somewhere overseas (like Utah Beach in Normandy, France) or a memorial closer to home they haven’t yet visited, the experience can serve as military retirement gifts for men they’ll cherish forever.

10. Plan a Retirement Party

Your retirement gift will be immensely appreciated regardless of what you pick or how you deliver it, but you may want to make their retirement extra special with a gathering or party. 

Holding one serves as an opportunity for their military family – those still on active duty or now a veteran – to pay tribute to them. If so, here are a few tips to be mindful of as you prepare:

Book a room or banquet hall well in advance to get the best possible price -the earlier, the better.Try to keep the guests to a maximum of 12 to 15 people to keep the event simple and affordable.

Ask your family member who they want to invite to avoid awkward interactions. Send out invitations several months before the party or invite via email.

Aim for simple refreshments, such as fruit salad, sandwiches, cold cuts, tossed salad, or baked goods. I suggest having guests bring something to keep food costs down.

The Best Veteran Retirement Gifts for Menary…

Thank you for your service and all that you do for our country. Thank you for keeping our country safe and strong. 

You are very much honored and very much appreciated for all that you have done. Thank you for your courage and for putting your country first.

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