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9 Pieces of Military Survival Gear Veterans Never Leave Home Without!


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From military survival gear like boots to coffee makers, and knives to multitools, here’s a look at some of the equipment used by military veterans at home and abroad. Everyone has a favorite tool or equipment, whether preparing for their latest overseas deployment or a new mission around the house. While most tasks don’t necessitate a full-fledged loadout as you’d see downrange, almost every service member and veteran have at least one piece of equipment they never leave home without.

When You Leave the Military, Do You Get to Keep Your Uniform?: Military Survival Gear

Military Survival Gear | Healthier Veterans Today

The armed forces provide military uniforms. In addition to wearing your uniform while on duty, armed forces members may wear uniforms when not on duty. There are strict laws that govern the wearing of military uniforms by personnel who are not on duty. These regulations apply to both service and civilian uniforms.

When you are honorably discharged, you should only take home one uniform. The armed forces retain ownership of all other uniforms and uniform parts. You may only wear one uniform at home. After your honorable discharge, you may continue to wear your uniform for up to three months. Many recently discharged service members enjoy wearing their uniform to welcome home parties or other special occasions. If you would like to wear your uniform to an important event (such as your wedding), you would need to do so within three months of your discharge.

Military Survival Gear and Uniform!

Military Survival Gear | Healthier Veterans Today

You are not permitted to keep your uniform if you are discharged dishonorably. Suppose you leave the military for bad behavior or any other reason that results in a dishonorable discharge. In that case, you are not allowed to keep any uniforms or parts of uniforms.

The military will ask you to purchase clothing to wear at home. You will never wear a uniform again (for Veteran’s Day ceremonies, funerals, or other purposes) because you were dishonorably discharged.

Military Survival Gear Guide… You may continue to wear your uniform after retirement. If you have retired from the armed forces, you may wear your uniform anytime; you have earned it! You will only be allowed to wear the uniform of the grade from which you retired. For example, if you retire as a Sergeant, you must wear the Sergeant’s uniform and badge.

You might wear the new higher grade if nominated for promotion after retiring. Many retired service members prefer to wear their uniforms to weddings, funerals, Veteran’s Day ceremonies, and other special occasions. It is not required to wear it, but it is a great way to show others you served.

If you are not on duty and are not an officer, you may wear the uniform only when permitted by Presidential regulations. If in doubt, contact your branch of the armed forces. For example, retired military personnel may be requested to attend a government-sponsored parade or function. Under these conditions, you may only wear the uniform if you served honorably during the war. If so, wear the highest grade of uniform earned during the war.

Military Survival Gear ad Uniform Part 2:

Military Survival Gear | Healthier Veterans Today

Attend a course of military instruction in the clothing specified by the institution. This could be an armed forces uniform. Wear a uniform to perform instructional duties for martial classes only if it bears some distinctive symbol indicating that it is not a duty armed forces uniform.

Follow uniform regulations for buildings owned by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Wear your branch of the armed forces’ uniform while living in or serving as an officer in a Department of Veteran’s Affairs veteran’s home. If in doubt, consult the appropriate branch of the armed forces.

You should know how to act in uniform. Even if you are not currently serving, specific laws and regulations govern your behavior while wearing a uniform representing the United States government. In general, you should act respectfully and appropriately. To be more specific:

  • When you wear a military survival gear uniform, you represent the United States government. Even if you are retired, you are expected to maintain military grooming standards if you plan to appear in uniform. Examples are being clean-shaven, keeping your hair neatly under your headgear, and not having any facial piercings or tattoos.
  • Anybody in military uniform (active, inactive, or discharged) must stand at attention, face the flag, and perform a military salute rather than placing their hand over the heart while saying the Pledge of Allegiance or passing, lowering, or raising the United States flag.

9 Pieces of Military Survival Gear Veterans Won’t Leave Without

From military survival gear like boots to coffee makers, and knives to multitools, here’s a look at some of the equipment used by military veterans at home and abroad.

  1. A Decent Knife

A must for military survival gear! A robust and dependable knife, whether folding or fixed blade, is essential to anyone’s toolkit. While some Task & Purpose readers suggested specialty items such as the Cold Steel Black Sable San Mai pocket knife (wow) or the Ontario SP16 SPAX knife, others suggested Benchmade or the Kershaw Emerson collection. There’s nothing wrong with a reliable, solid Swiss Army knife if you’re looking for one of the best survival knives on the market.

  1. A Quality Pair of Boots

A must-have in the military survival gear game! Isn’t it pointless to go to work if you don’t have a good pair of boots on your feet? While many Task & Purpose readers said they still wear their military boots after service, several suggested 5.11 Tactical’s Men Speed 3.0 jungle tactical boot as the preferred footwear. And we can see why: built to withstand harsh environments and outfitted with slip-resistant multi-terrain treads, these tough-as-nails boots are up for almost anything.

  1. A Sturdy Multitool

A good multitool is a must-have sidekick for any modern handyman at home and in the field, whether cutting 550 cord or fiddling with components on standard-issue weapons. To get out of sticky situations, Task & Purpose readers recommend the Gerber MP600 multi-plier and the tried-and-true Leatherman Supertool.

  1. A GPS tracker

A must-have in the military survival gear game! Why bother with land navigation when you can sense your location with a flick of your wrist? Indeed, Task & Purpose readers cited the Garmin Foretrex 401 waterproof hiking GPS as a must-have tracking system for routes, tracks, and waypoints in various extreme environments. All you need to do is strap one of these bad boys to your arm, and you’ll never get lost again like some poor dumb second lieutenant.

  1. A Clip-On Compass
Military Survival Gear | Healthier Veterans Today

If your GPS tracker fails (or you decide you don’t need one), a clip-on compass is a must-have piece of equipment before venturing out into the wilderness. The Sun Company wrist-mounted version is a fine, dependable addition to one’s kit — lose it in the middle of nowhere.

  1. A Woobie

For a good reason, the beloved standard-issue poncho liner, also known as the ‘woobie,’ is a favorite among US troops. The “liner, wet weather, poncho,” as it’s officially called, comprises two layers of nylon sewn up along the sides and crosswise to create a callous and durable piece of equipment. There are several versions available on Amazon, but we recommend this military surplus version in ACU digital camouflage. If you don’t already have one, we’d like to know what rock you have been living under.

  1. A Bright Flashlight

A must-have in the military survival gear game! Nothing says, “I’m ready to do it in the dark,” like a dependable handheld flashlight, and Task & Purpose readers swear by the Streamlight Microstream system for work at home and downrange. This powerful flashlight is lightweight and long-lasting, capable of running at 250 lumens for up to 3.5 hours. It’s also fully rechargeable, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries.

  1. A Portable Coffee Maker
Military Survival Gear | Healthier Veterans Today

Yes, this may not be the best depiction of military survival gear. Some veterans may think otherwise, though… No, people do not have one of those high-tech plug-in machines on their kitchen countertops. We’re talking about something simple and straightforward, like this excellent Bodum French press.

  1. A DD-214

Unfortunately, you can only obtain one by serving and successfully exiting the military. But, hey, it’s the most valuable item many vets will ever own!

Military Survival Gear

Military veterans are always prepared for the best and worst-case scenarios this is why military survival gear is essential. This is why taking note of the gear they choose to carry is an excellent idea. It won’t cause any harm if you ensure that you are well prepared like the brave individuals in uniform.

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